The Real Wild West

Copper Cayuse Outfitters is the premier guided horse riding company in British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor and offers many different types of horseback adventures in the Whistler and Pemberton areas. We provide hourly horseback trips in Pemberton, full and half-day rides in the Birkenhead Lake backcountry, multi-day trips into the wilderness areas of Tenquille Lake and the Callaghan and custom rides almost anywhere you want to go.

It is about you and the horses. We look forward to meeting you on one of our many rides!


These women can wrangle, ride, guide, first aid, set up camp, break camp, drive big trucks, cook campfire meals and make conversation with just about anyone. Personable, competent and well-trained in all things to do with horses and back country travel, they are likely to be the most interesting people you will have the pleasure to meet when you ride with Copper Cayuse Outfitters.


The CCO partners have a great deal of experience in the saddle and in backcountry travel in general. The creation of Copper Cayuse Outfitters is an expression of their shared passion for horses and British Columbia’s wilderness. Dudley Kennett – Born and raised in BC’s Okanagan, Dudley worked alongside his father who taught him early in life how to work a cattle range from horseback and to log with draft horses. He spent his spare time as an adult travelling on horseback with his mentor, Fred Shields, an experienced mountain guide from Seton Portage. Horses were his hobby during his career as a forest technician but in 1986, Dudley put his horses to work providing trail rides for Whistler’s visitors at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. Dudley continues to operate Blackcomb Trail Rides every summer. Don Coggins – Don spent his boyhood summers in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia working on his uncle’s beef and apple farm where he also learned to ride and tend horses. As an adult, he owned and operated a small hobby farm in New Brunswick using his spare time to train and ride his pleasure horses. Don followed his tour in the Canadian military with a long career in corporate Canada. In 1992 he moved to Whistler to establish Chidaq Consulting Ltd., a sales and marketing business that he continues to operate.

Cayuses (Horses)

We have over 30 trained horses that work between our two locations, each with their own distinct personality. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, we match the guest’s riding ability and level of experience to the spirit and character of the horse. Most of our horses are from Mt Currie, where they spent their early years running free learning the ways of the British Columbia wilderness. When we bring them to our ranch, we spend up to two years training and conditioning them for the mountain riding that we promote.