Spring arrivals: 4 new colts join the herd

It’s an exciting time at our Ranch here in Pemberton!

Say hello to our 4 new colts who, in true Copper Cayuse style, were welcomed into the family with a big, hearty meal.

These 4 handsome chaps are true locals and join us from just down the valley at Mount Currie, where they have been running wild in their herd since birth.

Evelyn enthusiastically recalls the day in early March 2019: “It’s always a big exciting day around here. Don, Dudley, Brian, Josh and Tanya brought home 4 cayuse colts from a Mt. Currie rancher yesterday. Even the herd is keenly interested in the babies, hanging their heads over the fence around the pen to get a look at the newcomers. Logan has taken over babysitting duties this year and is taking his job seriously. Logan's status in the herd will rise because of his new responsibilities”


Within the last year their mothers weaned them off milk. Since then they’ve been competing in the herd over the winter for enough feed.

“We have a good relationship with the herd manager. So he let us know that he had some colts if we were interested.” said, Don. “No names for them yet. We like to get an idea of their individual quirks and unique personalities before we put a handle on them.”

Introduction to the new herd
(& people)

The first step of integrating new colts into the herd is to bring them back to the ranch to start gentling.

Don explains the care that goes into the process: “It is a minimum of a two years gentling to get a colt from here to where they can even be lightly ridden, it takes many hours. First, just to get the colts used to people we introduce them to them to a care taking horse. The colts see his integration and reactions with people and soon learn that we are not there to hurt them. Then, slowly, they start to trust us.”

Once that trust is built we cannot break it. Horses have friendships like humans and if we want to work side-by-side together we have to earn their trust and kindness.

“Next is haltering, ground work and then eventually saddling and the acceptance of having people on their backs. It takes us lots of time from start to finish. But it’s well worth it. When we are through the training, our horses actually like interacting people, which is very important to us and them if they are going to be a great trail horse. There are quicker ways to do all this, but we have found that this is best for training happy, healthy and friendly trail horses.“

Follow the herd as the grow & learn

We’ll be posting updates about the 4 new boys and their progress to becoming mountain trail horses. Follow along via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and here on the blog.

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