14 Things To Pack For This Amazing 3 Day Horseback Riding Adventure In BC

1. Lightweight long pants

Life on a horse is pretty casual, you don't need to rush out and buy anything special, just pack a set of long trousers that come to the top of your boot to prevent exposed skin rubbing in the leather stirrups. We recommend light, loose-fitting jeans, leggings, or hiking pants.


2. Lightweight long sleeve shirt

A light long sleeve top is the Swiss army knife of the backcountry wardrobe. Perfect for laying up on cool mornings or evenings, protecting your skin from the heat of the midday sun, and for acting as a barrier for any nuisance bugs (although this last one we don't really get too many of at camp). 

3. Cowboy hat or sun hat

The name says it all. Cowboy hats are the perfect summer riding companion and you'll blend right in at the ranch.  


Mostly worn to protect you head and neck from the sun, a ball cap or wide-brimmed sun hat is a great alternative. 

Helmets are also provided for guests.

4. Sunscreen

You might be sensing a bit of trend here. In Pemberton in the summer it gets hot. With daily temperatures usually 3 - 10ºC warmer than Whistler and summer temperatures on average between a low of 20ºC and a high of 32ºC, you'll proably come away feeling like you've got all your vitamin D for the year!


5. Camera (+ spare battery)

If you follow us on social media, you'll already have a taste of all the incredible views and scenery that guests ride through on our overnight horseback riding trips. With that said, don't forget to pack your camera! 

Your horse will have two saddle bags, one will contain your lunch, snacks and water and the other will have just enough room to fit a small DSLR & lens or a compact camera and a couple of other items such as a hat or shirt.


From the moment you arrive at the ranch to the scenic drive home you're going to want to capture every epic moment for the history books (also known as Facebook). We recommend guests bring a strap or harness for their camera.

6. Battery Pack

Capturing your trip whether on an iPhone or professional camera takes juice. Our camp is 100% off the grid which means no convenient charging stations (but you'll be excited to know we do have warm water for showers, see #8). For guests that may want to charge electronics over the 3 days we recommend bringing a small, rugged battery pack.

7. Cowboy boots or boots with a slight heel

Ever wondered why both men's and women's cowboy boots have a slight heel? Like cowboy hats, cowboy boots we're designed for life in the saddle. The heel acts as little stopper that keeps your foot in the stirrup and the above-ankle height of the boot protects your lower leg from chafing on the the stirrup on long rides. 

Of course, if you don't own cowboy boots there is no need to rush out and buy a pair. Shoes like good, sturdy hiking boots or Bluntstones will do the trick just as well.

8. Sunglasses (+ strap)

For looking uber cool while riding your horse. Especially when paired with your cowboy hat and boots!


Also useful for protecting your eyes from the glorious, but bright, midday sun. We also recommend bringing a sunglasses strap to make it easier to take them on and off while riding. 

9. Toiletries and towel

Spending 3 days off-grid in the backcountry is a magical experience. Now pair that with a few creature comforts like a roaring fire, fresh cooked pancakes with locally picked berries, and a warm shower (yep, you read that right) and you've got a recipe for an extraordinary horseback riding vacation. 

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We encourage guests to bring environmentally-friendly or biodegradable toiletries where possible to help us preserve and conserve the local water networks for the region's fish and other local wildlife who depend on it. 

10. Lightweight warmth layer

Whether you're hiking, biking or horseback riding, layering is key to staying warm or cool on backcountry adventures. A lightweight warmth layer like a thermal top, fleece or sweater is great for throwing on after dinner while enjoying a drink around the campfire .

11. Sandals or camp shoes

Once you're off the horse and moseying around camp pull off your boots and relax into a pair of your favourite comfy shoes. 

Optional items for your overnight horseback riding adventure

These are items that are not necessary for guests to pack but, items that if you already own them and wish to bring your own, you're more than welcome to do so.

12. Dinner beverages

We do not supply alcohol for guests, but you're are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages to enjoy with dinner.

13 & 14. Sleeping bag & Pillow

We have everything you need to have a very cosy and comfortable sleep at the camp. Provided in the tents are cot beds, sleeping bags, and pillow. If you have your own sleeping bag and pillow and would like to bring them we will take them up to the camp for your arrival.


We're excited to have you join us in one of our favourite places! If you have any questions about our overnight horseback trips in BC or even about our horseback day rides, please give us a call on +1 (604) 932-0748 or send us a message via the contact form or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

See you soon!